Wesco cosmetics waste bin

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Wesco cosmetics waste bin

Whether cotton swabs, or make-up removers, rubbish also accumulates in the bathroom.

The Wesco cosmetics waste bin is the solution for your bathroom!

The bin was specially developed with these spaces in mind and holds a convenient 5 litres.

With a height of 290 mm, it easily fits into small bathrooms under the sink or next to the toilet and can be opened comfortably and hygienically with one step.

The removable plastic insert is easy to clean when necessary.


Key Features

It’s small and sleek design gives it the option of

being stored outside or inside of a cupboard
• Practical and simple storage solution
• Removable Plastic liner for ease of cleaning
• Powder coated sheet steel
• Perfect for bathrooms and
rooms around the home
• Foot pedal for easy opening



Height: 290mm
Diameter: 200mm
Capacity: 5L

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