Blum Orga-line Cutlery-Utensil Combination


Blum Orgaline Cutlery and Utensil Combination.

Suits Cabinet width 1000mm


Inside Depth: 474mm - suits a 500mm Blum drawer

                     524mm - suits a 550mm Blum drawer

Click on the arrow to scroll down then click on your required depth.  

Inside drawer width 870mm - 893mm

Drawer depth: 500mm or 550mm

Internal drawer depth: 474mm or 524mm 

Measurements based on Blum Tandembox.

Consists of the following Blum Orga-line

  • Orgaline cutlery x 1
  • Orgaline Utensil x 1 
  • Orgaline  odds and ends x 1

Orgaline provides impressive organisation in any drawer. Because containers and dividers can be arranged in various formats.

Everything is stored securely and in easy reach.

Add some non - slip matting and a Blum Knife holder to complete your layout.

Orgaline containers are dishwasher safe. Made in Austria

550mm shown in picture. Picture for illustration only accessories not included.

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