Blum Aventos Stay Lift

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Blum Aventos HK-S Lift System @ Cupboardware Online Store

Aventos HK-S is well suited for overhead cupboard doors and is quick and easy to install.


  1. Silent and effortless closing with Blumotion
  2. Fine adjustment to the opening and closing force is carried out via a calibration feature on the lift mechanism
  3. Model 20K2C00 Power Factor Range 400 - 1000
  4. Opening angle 107 degree
  5. No hinges required

Hardware Components:

  1. Lift Mechanism with strong spring x 2   
  2. Front fix brackets for attaching to door x 2
  3. Cover Caps White Left/Right x 2
  4. Fixing screws
  5. Installation Instructions
Minimum internal cupboard space requirements - Height 150mm Width 240mm

Made in Austria.