Blum Tandembox Antaro Cross Divider

antaro d cross
antaro d crosscross divider for drawerspullout tbx antaroc_antaro_cross_dividerd_antaro_cross_dividercut_cross_dividercross_divider_connectors

Blum tandembox antaro orga-line cross divider

High fronted Blum tandembox antaro cross panel divider provides organisation for your drawers.

Adjustable cross dividers ensure provisions are held securely in place.

Colour: Silk white.

Material: Metal

Length 1077mm 

Suit Cabinet Widths up to 1200mm (outside measurement) 

Cut to your required size. Internal cabinet width less 91mm. 

IMPORTANT: You will need to order the Cross Divider Connectors and Lateral Dividers separately.

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