Blum Tandembox Antaro Bottle Set

antaro blum bottle set
antaro blum bottle setblum dividing wall 1

Blum Tandembox Antaro Bottle Set @ Cupboardware Online Store

Security for bottles thanks to the Blum Orga-line bottle set.

This highly practical solution makes it easy to store bottles in a drawer.

If the contents of one of the bottles should leak then, no problem. The removable stainless steel tray of the orga-line set is very easy to clean.


Depth: 474mm for nominal drawer length of 500mm

            524mm for nominal darwer length of 550mm

Click on the arrow to scroll down then click on your required depth.

Product Description: 

  • Cross divider 177mm x 4
  • Cross divider connector to suit dividing wall x 4
  • Cross divider connector to suit gallery rail x 4
  • Drip tray width 216mm x depth 474mm or 524mm
  • Dividing wall for separating bottles and cutting boards
  • For Blum Tandembox Antaro D height drawer sold separately
  • To suit Tandembox Antaro drawer length 500mm and 550mm.
  • Colour silk white.  


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